Wastewater treatment system Jokaso

Jokaso is a wastewater treatment system that has been extensively researched and applied in Japan and a domestic wastewater treatment equipment built or installed by Jokaso  Law for housing, home or residential area. Wastewater is mainly purified by microorganisms: Through the metabolism of microorganisms (anaerobic and aerobic) to remove pollutants (BOD, COD, Ammonia, Nitrate, P, ...) available in waste water.
So what is Jokaso? What are the prominent feature of Jokaso? How does the settlement technology work? What are dominent advantages the other technologies?

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What is Jokaso?
- Jokaso is a wastewater treatment system at the source applied Japanese Biotechnology and is used to install villas, homes, condominiums, urban areas or hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories ... etc
- Jokaso can handle kinds of domestic wastewater (black wastewater, gray wastewater) from sources such as toilet water, bathrooms, washing machines, kitchens and other sources.
- Jokaso is a sewage purification system through the metabolism of microorganisms with surrounding habitats to remove pollutants from wastewater.
- Jokaso has been studied, completed and widely applied in Japan and many countries in the world, Jokaso has been modularized in various sizes, corresponding to each scale of use.
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Advantage of using Jokaso system:
- Compact, space-saving system: The volume of the Jokaso system takes account only 70% of the whole the septic tank for the same number of users.
- Convenience, flexibility, simplicity in construction, installation: System can be installed in many different locations such as external building, garage, sidewalk, ... and mainly buried underground without influence on the general landscape of the installation area.
-  Sewage after treatment meets the standards of environmental discharge of Japan (higher than standard TCVN 6772-2000 and QCVN 14/2008/BTNMT).
- Cost of construction is reasonable.
- The direct treatment of wastewater at the source before discharging into the water supply and drainage system of the area will thoroughly deal with the pollution of habitats in these areas as well as reduce the load for the secondary treatment of centralized sewage purification systems.
At present, Fudeso Company has researched and widely applied Johkasou in the project of building waste water treatment system of the company - Jokaso Fudeso.    

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- Jokaso Fudeso is a wastewater treatment system under Japan's Jokaso that has been adapted to meet the requirements, conditions of installation situation as well as the requirement of waste discharge in Vietnam, thereby promoting its strengths in real conditions in Vietnam. Therefore, currently, the products of Fudeso Jokaso technology that we are providing are being appreciated by customers for its efficiency, stability and reasonable cost.

  công nghệ Johkasou

- With the replacement and use of materials available in Vietnam in the course of processing and manufacturing products, price of products is becoming increasingly competitive, and the quality and treatment efficiency of the products are still ensured.
- Now we have processed and manufactured Jokaso Fudeso products with composite (FRP) with shining surface and high accuracy, aesthetics and durability. Jokaso Fudeso composite products' life span can last up to 50 years if buried underground and used in accordance with technical requirements.
Composite Jokaso Fudeso has been manufactured, modularized in various sizes, convenient for each scale of use (Wastewater treatment for 5 to thousands of people)
- Our composite
Jokaso Fudeso (FRP) has been installed in many wastewater treatment projects such as: Factory Musashi Auto Parts (Thang Long II Industrial Zone - Hung Yen), Factory Toyota Boshoku Hanoi (Phuc Yen - Vinh Phuc), Factory TDS (Dong Van III Industrial Zone - Ha Nam), ...
- Types of wastewater treatment technologies that we are applying: Jokaso MBBR, Jokaso MBR, Exposed ventilation technology, Processing System SBR, Processing System Aerotank, ...
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