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Maintenance of wastewater treatment plants is a problem concerned by most businesses, not any business can find a reliable and affordable partner when they want to design a wastewater treatment plant. Future Development Solutions Joint Stock Company is specialized in supplying design and construction services of wastewater treatment system according to Jokaso Japan technology meeting the most demanding requirements of domestic and foreign investors.

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In order to ensure stable and long-term operation of the machinery and equipment in the wastewater treatment system, the maintenance of wastewater treatment plants must be periodically carried out. However, in many companies, this work is not paid proper attention, only when having been malfunctioning or getting damaged is the equipment repaired, which has caused many consequences such as:
- Interrupting and affecting the production process of the factory.
- Being fined due to substandard water discharge into the environment.
- Being costly due to fixing at any cost in the earliest time.

Therefore, in order for the plant to operate continuously and to stabilize and increase the life of the equipment in the treatment plant, it is recommended to carry out maintenance every three months. It is necessary to control the state of the equipment, anticipate possible damages and plan maintenance and repair works in order to ensure the constantly operation of each unit and the entire production line. Timely concern and solutions will help minimize investment costs (for repairing and replacing equipment) considerably. Simultaneously, water sampling should be conducted for periodic analysis to check the efficiency of the system.

Details of the maintenance procedures applied by Fudeso to wastewater treatment systems.

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Maintenance of electrical control system:
Perform monitoring, inspection, hygiene and conduct measurements of parameters to be in line with the indicators on the machine's labels including currents, voltages, insulation and noise levels, etc., for timely detection of possible causes of equipment failure.

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The noise level of the devices immersed in the liquid is 70 dB. With equipment installed on the open side, this value does not exceed 80 dB.
- Permissible insulation for electrical equipment in low voltage grid is ³01 MW.
- The voltage increase shall not exceed 10% of the voltage indicated on the machine's label and the pressure drop shall not exceed 2%/100v.
- The current does not exceed value on the label.
- It is important to clean the machine equipment regularly so that the process of cooling and heat dissipation is better.
Automatic control cabinet system in the sewage treatment plant of factories can be seen further here.

Maintenance of submersible sewage pumps:
- Isolate submersible pump from the power supply.
- Pull submersible pump out of the tank. For equipment with a weight of <30 kg, pull up directly with the hand, for equipment > 30 kg, use a towing lever. It is strictly forbidden to use the cable of the sewage pump to pull the pump up

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- Check and clean the pump and pump wheel. Use a lightweight crank to determine whether the pump rotation is smooth and light or whether there is squeal due to friction or not. If it is found, remove the pump and wheel.
- Ensure the required viscosity of the engine oil. Measure pump insulation (phase to phase, phase to pump housing).

Maintenance of chemical metering pumps for wastewater treatment:
Gearbox lubrication:
- Change the oil very 6,000 operating hours.
- Change the oil when the pump stops working;
- Remove the old oil by opening the lid of the oil hole, then tighten the oil hole;
- Next, place the flow adjustment switch to 0% position, pour oil into the gearbox to the level of the red line of oil inspection eye
Note: Do not operate the metering pump for wastewater treatment without oil in the machine.
Start the sewage pump as follows:
- For pumps not working, check the oil viscosity
- Check the socket and rotation direction of motor (see the arrow on the motor center).
- Make sure all valves on suction pipes and discharge pipes are fully open.
- Make sure the solution is not hardened or stuck in the sewage treatment pipeline.
- Start the pump for the first time with low output pressure by adjusting the knob to 20%, keep this condition for 3-5 minutes. Gradually increase the flow rate to the maximum value, then set the working conditions for the pump at the required velocity and pressure.
Maintenance of wastewater treatment system: for the first inspection, the pressure of the pump is equal to that of the meter. The pressure value (according to the meter must not exceed the maximum pressure specified in the power table on the pump.

Maintenance of pipeline system:
- Use a pressure pump to sanitize all tank compartments, submersible pumps, technological piping systems, lamellas, etc.
- Check and clean garbage compartment weekly; wash and drain the chemical tank bottom.

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Maintenance of air blowers for wastewater treatment:
In wastewater treatment by aerobic biological method, air blowers play a very important role, affecting the main treatment process of the system, so the maintenance of air blowers is very necessary to make the sewage system always stable.

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Plus, maintenance of the meter and control, maintenance of pipes, racks, maintenance of tanks ... record in maintenance logs, report back to customers for timely alternative solutions of repair.
Future Development Solutions Joint Stock Company has 5 years of experience in design and construction of wastewater treatment for factories and plants with the enthusiastic, hard working and experienced staff. Especially, thanks to the transfer of Jokaso technology from Japan, our company is always ready to meet the customers' demands for wastewater treatment system as well as maintenance of wastewater treatment plant after having put into operation.

Fudeso's typical projects on wastewater treatment maintenance are:
- Maintenance of wastewater treatment system of JCU Vietnam factory


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