Operation Motto


Since the first years of our establishment, with the motto as dedication for customer’s satisfaction basing on quality, advanced technology and high trust, Fudeso always try to produce a waste water treament system with good quality, sustainable operation, meeting current waste discharge criteria, which can help investor focus on their production devlopment. 

Operation Motto 
- Provide customers with best services, ensuring prestige, satisfaction and reasonable price. 
- Perform works professionally, ensuring prestige and brand. Provide customers with services assuring from details to the whole package. 
- Apply advanced technology to build
Jokaso Fudeso standards to meet Japanese standards, with the addition of Vietnam's waste discharge standards. Re-create a friendly and clean environment, ensuring benefits to society.
- Cooperate bilaterally and multi-laterally with many units in order to improve the qualification and capability in customer’s service. 


 Development Orientation 
As the motto “
SOLID FOUNDATION CREATE BRIGHT FUTURE”, Fudeso always complete products from technology, sustainability, asthetics to after-sale service, bringing the satisfaction to customers with reasonable price. 
- Recruit and train staff. Try to update, study and develop sustainable technology in waste treatment. Choose the most optimal solution to help your works meet all requirements and be environmentally friendly.
- Build a wide customer network all over the nation and branches in big cities and provinces. 
- Cooperate with top experts and research institutions in the field of environment treatment in order to enhance qualification and competency, providing customers with after-sale service and the greatest satisfaction. 

It is hoped that in the near future, when waste water treatment environment in accordance with
Jokaso standards of Japan Center for Construction Research is mentioned, you will remember Fudeso and feel comfortable to use our services. We will be side by side with your Company in solving environment-related problems, bringing you the best services.